Four Great Reasons to Retire in Metro Atlanta

Four Great Reasons to Retire in Metro Atlanta

While Florida traditionally may be known as the go-to state for retirees, Georgia is gaining ground when it comes to attracting active adults who are looking for the perfect place to settle in their golden years. In fact, those in the 55-plus category are flocking to the metro Atlanta area in particular, thanks in large part to the many residential and lifestyle options available to them. If you’re considering a move after retirement and are thinking about the ATL, here are four items you can add to the pro side of your list.

Georgia is a very tax-friendly state for retirees.

According to Kiplinger, Georgia is one of the top 10 states for retirees when it comes to taxes. For starters, Social Security income is exempt from state taxes, and those 65 and older enjoy a tax break on most types of retirement income up to $65,000 per taxpayer (or $130,000 per couple). Income that falls within this realm includes pensions, annuities, royalties, capital gains, dividends and more. Additionally, there is no estate or inheritance tax, and individuals 62 and older can claim an exemption from state and property taxes depending on age and income.

The cost of living in Atlanta is quite affordable.

Atlanta’s cost of living is below average compared to the rest of the country. As reports, the cost of living is actually 1.7 percent less than the nationwide average, making the city and its surrounding areas ideal for those who want to make the most of every dollar. From healthcare costs to food expenses to senior care prices, the metro area offers reasonably priced options for residents 55 years and older. When every penny counts, it can make a significant difference.

Housing options are plentiful.

Choice is key when you’re looking for the home that will fit both your budget and lifestyle. Fortunately, metro Atlanta is replete with housing options for individuals and couples who are 55 years and older. In fact, according to, there are literally hundreds of senior living and retirement communities throughout the metro area (232 in the Atlanta area alone). The types of communities vary, from active adult and 55+ communities to senior apartments and independent and assisted living facilities. Whatever your needs may be, you’ll undoubtedly find a great match.

Atlanta has myriad activities for active adults.

One of the main reasons WalletHub named Atlanta as the number five place in the country to retire was its high ranking in the activities category. The site noted that the metro area ranked eighth out of the 150 largest U.S. cities when it came to the number and types of activities available for retirees. For instance, the city tied with New York; San Francisco; Washington, D.C. and St. Louis for the most museums per capita. And that’s just the beginning. From outdoor activities to cultural venues to shopping and dining options, there are countless things to do in the Empire City of the South.